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Prof. Timothy Lytton quoted on lawsuits related to food safety

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5-26-15-Litton1-300x300Prof. Timothy Lytton is quoted in Eater‘s June 18 article “Is Jail Time the Solution to America’s Food Safety Problem?” on the growing trend to criminally prosecute violations of federal food safety laws. Lytton points out that, in addition to criminal prosecution, civil lawsuits and the emergence of more stringent liability insurance policies are additional aspects of the nation’s legal system that hold great promise for advancing food safety.

Timothy D. Lytton will be a new faculty member at Georgia State University College of Law this fall. His research examines health and safety regulation with a focus on food policy. He is author of Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food (Harvard U. Press 2013) and is currently writing a book on the U.S. food safety system.


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