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Prof. Patti Zettler blogs about the legal and ethical implications of crowdsourcing in medicine

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stanford-clb-fellow-patti-zettler-weighs-in-on-the-fda’s-announcement-to-reconsider-how-it-regulates-otc-drugsCrowdsourcing, or the obtaining of information, services and ideas from a large group of people rather than through more traditional channels, is becoming increasingly popular. The idea has even expanded into medicine with companies such as CrowdMed, which offers people the opportunity, for a fee, to list their symptoms and have others investigate their potential ailments. Prof. Patti Zettler blogs at The Health Care Blog on the legal and ethical issues raised by crowdsourcing in medicine in her post, “Do You Need a Medical Degree to Crowdsource Medicine?”

Patti Zettler will be a new faculty member at Georgia State University College of Law this fall. Zettler’s research focuses on the regulation of medicine, biotechnology, and biomedical research, as well as food and drug policy. 


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