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Prof. Fuse Brown’s article on unfair hospital billing practice featured in HealthLeaders Media

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fuse brown final

Professor Erin Fuse Brown’s recent article in the AMA Journal of Ethics is featured in an August 28, 2015 news article “Variation Ripe in Hospital Charity Care Payment Rules” in HealthLeaders Media. The IRS rules linking non-profit status of hospitals to their financial assistance plans are vague leaving room for wide interpretation. Fuse Brown discusses the large variation between hospitals’ financial assistance policies, which can be “stingy to generous” and still comply with the rules.

Erin C. Fuse Brown, assistant professor of law, is a faculty member of the Center for Law, Health & Society. Her research interests are in the intersection of the business and regulation of health care delivery systems. Her recent scholarship has focused on policies affecting hospital prices for health care services and on the structural fragility of the right to health care in the Affordable Care Act.


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