The Center for Law, Health and Society represents the culmination of research, educational and community outreach initiatives developed in the health law field at Georgia State University. For more information about the center, visit

Center for Intellectual Property at Georgia State Law Launches

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heled finalThe Center for Law, Health & Society is excited to welcome a new neighbor in the center suite at the College of Law – the Center for Intellectual Property. Prof. Yaniv Heled teaches at the intersection of health law and intellectual property and will be one of the leads of this new center. The centers will be well positioned to host speakers and events on these emerging issues including hosting the next BioIP Faculty Workshop in May, 2016. Read more about the new IP center on the Georgia State University main page.

Yaniv Heled is an assistant professor at Georgia State University College of Law and a member of the Center for Law, Health & Society. He researches and writes on legal and ethical aspects of biomedical technologies, such as biologics and biosimilars, stem cells, cloning and DNA sequencing and testing.


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